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Bryan-Hight Veterinary Hospital

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    How Provides Stress-Free Environment

    Bringing your pet to the clinic can be a stressful experience for both you and the animal. This can be a challenge for the pets since they are in a strange environment. At Bryan Hight, we consider the well-being of our patients. Our Bainbridge GA Vet has taken steps to reduce the associated anxiety in waiting rooms.

    Minimal wait times

    We have minimized wait times at our clinics. That is why scheduling appointments is essential. We have a patient queue management system that organizes patient flow. This facilitates patient intake and eliminates bottlenecks.

    Stress reduction protocols

    We have improved our clinic layout. Our clinic is spacious to prevent overcrowding. This helps to reduce stress among dogs and cats. Also, we separate the animals, like dogs and cats, and have them treated in separate areas.

    Low-stress handling

    Our animal hospital carefully handles the pets to minimize stress and anxiety. Our team is educated in techniques that help our canine and feline patients be less anxious. Our doctors stay calm at all times.

    We don’t try to force the patients into submission. We resist the temptation to wrestle with them. Instead, we take a step back and regroup whenever necessary. In some cases, we might reschedule the visit, if the patient is particularly difficult to handle.

    Noise Reduction

    We attempt to control noise levels. Loud barking and other sounds can be discomfiting for the pets. We also keep anterior doors closed to block sound. This creates a more comfortable environment.

    Give treats

    We have a variety of treats at hand that patients enjoy. When administering medicine or handling pets, we use treats to manage and control their behavior. This goes a long way in making the canines less stressed.

    When you need to see a veterinarian, give us a call. We provide a stress-free environment for our patients. We also provide the best possible care to our clients.

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