Pet Diagnostic Services

Radiography & Ultrasound Testing in Bainbridge, GA

Diagnostic services are especially important in veterinary practice because your animal is unable to tell us whether they are feeling ill or have pain. During an annual exam at Bryan-Hight Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians will use advanced diagnostic technology to view the internal workings of your pet, allowing them to accurately diagnose any underlying health conditions.

Our diagnostic services include:


More commonly known as digital x-rays, radiographs are an extremely useful diagnostic tool when it comes to determining the best treatment plan for your pet. If a lump or abnormality is found on your pet’s body during their annual wellness exam, x-rays can help determine its size, shape and location. X-rays also help to discern foreign entities in the body our veterinarians are unable to examine with the naked eye, such as indigestible matter in your pet’s stomach, gastrointestinal issues, heart and lung diseases and bladder stones.

In-House Lab

At Bryan-Hight Veterinary Hospital, our facilities contain an extensive in-house laboratory where we are capable of processing a number of blood tests, including blood glucose, chemistry levels, and complete blood counts. We are also able to process pre-anaesthetic blood tests. Routine blood tests enable us to spot early signs of disease, changes in liver or kidney function, or simply provide a baseline for future reference. For specialized testing, we work closely with a comprehensive reference laboratory for more timely test results.

In addition to our diagnostic services, Bryan-Hight Veterinary Hospital offers animal wellness care, surgery, boarding and grooming, dental care, and more. For more information about our veterinary care or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (229) 246-8600.