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    How Often Should Your Pet Visit Bainbridge GA Animal Hospitals?

    Taking your pet to see a veterinarian helps to keep them in good health with services including surgery, general checkups, and professional advice. At Bainbridge GA animal hospitals you can expect a qualified and compassionate team of veterinary staff and sophisticated facilities to provide for the wellness needs of all pets. From yearly checkups to emergency visits, we look at how frequently pets should be seeing a professional veterinarian at our clinic.

    Accidents, sudden illness, and scheduled vaccinations are times we know our pets need to see a veterinarian but apart from these visits, how often do they need a general checkup? All pets should receive regular assessments by their local veterinarians but the frequency of these appointments depends on their life stage and overall health. For example, our vets see puppies and senior dogs more often because of their unique developmental needs.

    Puppies and kittens should come into animal clinics every few months for vaccinations, deworming, and overall health checks. Because young animals haven’t developed a strong immune system, they need special care to protect them against diseases and ensure that their healthcare needs are met. At Bryan Hight Veterinary Hospital we have a qualified team who can assist with routine care and the regular evaluation of young pets.

    Adult pets aged one to seven should visit their vet at least once a year to receive updated vaccinations. During their shots, veterinarians will examine their overall physical health by checking their teeth, weight, eyes, skin, and overall condition. Older pets should be taken to animal clinics at least twice a year to manage any chronic conditions such as arthritis and dental issues that occur at this life stage.

    To provide the best for your pets, our qualified team is available for emergency visits, general checkups, boarding, and more. Our services include preventative animal care, surgical, diagnostics, and grooming. Speak to us for supportive pet care and a friendly approach you can trust.

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