Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

Did you know that May is National Pet Month? We’re sure you love giving your pet plenty of care and attention throughout the year, but this month offers the perfect opportunity to not only appreciate and play more with your pet, but also celebrate the joys of pet ownership.

As a trusted veterinary clinic in Stevenson, AL, we know the importance of good pet ownership at North Jackson Animal Clinic. That’s why we’re proud to share some fun ways for you and your pet to make the most of this National Pet Month.

What is National Pet Month?

National Pet Month takes place annually in May and commemorates the benefits that companion animals bring to people and the other way around. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey 2019-2020, 67% of U.S. households own a pet. With so many pet owners nationwide, National Pet Month seeks to highlight charities working for animal welfare, pet-related business, and pet lovers.

This month of celebration has several objectives:

  • Promoting responsible pet ownership
  • Acknowledging the mutual benefits of living with pets
  • Increasing public awareness about the importance of pet care specialists
  • Teaching the importance of working and assistance companion animals

Activities to Enjoy During National Pet Month

Go Exploring

Not every pet enjoys traveling, even over short distances, but finding an ideal spot for them to enjoy could be worth it. Try visiting a dog-friendly park or restaurant with your dog to encourage some exercise and social interaction. A cat might also enjoy visiting the pet store to see the fish and birds, or to pick out some new treats. Even just a quick drive around town can let your pet experience some new sights and sounds.

Give Your Pet a Gift

It may not be your pet’s birthday, but National Pet Month sure seems like the perfect time to get them a gift. Help your cat or dog look their best with a new collar or accessory. Spoil them with a yummy treat, a fun toy, or a new bed. If you’re more of a DIYer, you could even try your hand at making your own pet treats and toys.

Have a Photo Shoot

Capture the spirit of your furry friend with a photo shoot. While most pets aren’t keen on staying still for too long, you can always follow them around with your camera or phone and snap pictures of them living their normal lives. For higher quality pet portraits, consider hiring a professional photographer; that way you’ll be able to take a memorable photo with your pet that you can frame and cherish forever.

Pamper Your Pet

Just like humans, pets deserve to look and feel their best. Schedule a grooming appointment for your pet so they can enjoy some proper pampering. From a bath and a haircut to nail trimming, ear cleaning, and more, it can be a great opportunity to boost your pet’s mood.

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

During National Pet Month, it’s important to not only value your own pet, but all pets. Many animal shelters would be grateful for extra help and gladly welcome volunteers. If you already enjoy spending time with animals, why not make some new furry friends and help them find their forever homes? If you don’t have the time to volunteer, you can always contribute by donating to your local animal shelter.

Adopt a New Pet

Have you been considering adding a new pet to your family? Now’s the perfect time! There are plenty of dogs, cats, and small animals at local animal shelters that have a lot of love to offer and desperately need new homes. If you’re unable to adopt a new pet yourself, try encouraging friends and family to find a new animal companion, and be sure to promote responsible pet ownership.

Celebrating Pets & Pet Ownership

As a pet owner, you know how important it is to cherish your pets and the joy they bring into your life. No matter how you choose to celebrate this National Pet Month, we hope you have fun and take some time to share your love of pets with others.

Stay tuned to our blog for more pet tips and information; and if it’s time to schedule a wellness appointment for your pet, be sure to contact our team at North Jackson Animal Clinic.

Exercise Ideas for Pets During Wintertime

Exercise Ideas for Pets During Wintertime

From a pet’s point of view from the window, winter presents plenty of possibilities for stimulating play. For many cooped up cats and dogs, they find snow and other seasonal elements to be entrancing… until they’re outside and feel the bitter cold.

But should fewer trips outside mean less exercise for your pet? No, it shouldn’t! North Jackson Animal Clinic in Stevenson, AL, explores pet exercise tips to keep your animal companion happy and healthy all winter long.

Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe & Warm If You Go Outdoors

Be Attentive to Your Dog’s Needs

There’s nothing wrong with taking your dog on a stroll when it’s on the colder side. The same goes for your outdoor cat. But when it’s bitterly cold outdoors, keep an eye out for warning signs that the weather might be too much for your pet.

Depending on their breed, dogs respond differently to chilly conditions. Dogs with shorter coats and shorter legs tend to feel the effects of the cold much quicker than long-haired, thick-coated animals

Age is another deterrent for winter walks. During their golden years, older dogs can struggle with walking on snow and ice and are more likely to fall. On freezing days, you may want to skip on the winter adventure and wait for a slightly warmer day.

If you have a cat who enjoys the outdoors, you may want to keep them indoors on those brutally cold days.

Dress Your Pet for the Weather

Humans bundle up when bracing for the bitter cold, so why shouldn’t our pets?

You may think their fur will keep them warm enough, but their fur can only protect them so much. When going on a wintertime walk, deck out your trusted companion with warm apparel. Not only will they look cute, but they’ll be better prepared for the conditions outside.

When dressing your dog up for the weather, be cautious — some dogs don’t enjoy jackets and may try to escape from them. In certain situations, this can lead to suffocation. You’ll also want to protect their paws, so consider investing in dog boots to lessen the risk for frostbite.

Keeping Your Furry Friend Active & Entertained Inside

Take Them to School

It’s not summer camp; it’s winter camp! Enroll your dog in a class at a local center as a way to make the most of the winter season.

A class will keep your dog active and also allow them the opportunity to interact with their puppy pals and develop socialization skills. There’s an array of great offerings out there for pet stimulation, including swimming, obedience, and indoor agility classes.

The Classics

It may seem obvious, but a little bit more games of fetch, cat toys, and tug of war can go a long way when it comes to boosting your pet’s activity level.

If you have a long hallway in your home, make it your designated fetch or prey-catch spot. Carve out time throughout the day to play with your dog or cat (this can be the time you’d normally be walking them if the weather wasn’t a concern.)

Tug of war is a time-tested method of bonding and livening up your dog’s life. Although dogs love tug of war, it can make some dogs more aggressive. The good news? There are ways to play tug of war that’ll ensure the session is safe and productive.

Hit the Home Gym

Cardio machines aren’t just for people anymore! Dogs, too, enjoy getting their heart rate up at the home gym. There are a multitude of terrific treadmill options with diverse features.

When shopping, consider your budget, but also what will work best for your dog’s specific needs. What is their regular activity level? Do they need to lose weight? There’s an ideal option out there that’ll ensure your pet is stimulated throughout the winter season!

Your Pet’s Health is Our Priority Year-Round!

At Jackson Animal Clinic, we believe that our role in caring for pets isn’t just about regular vet visits, but providing tips to optimize their quality of life. Many humans and pets have a hard time adjusting to winter months, but we can get through it together with creative solutions and being attentive to needs. If you have questions about our veterinary services or other ways to keep your pet active, contact us today!