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    A Safety Plan for Your Pet This Hurricane Season

    Hurricane season is here. As a pet owner, you want to keep your animal family safe and protected under any and all circumstances. While there’s no way to predict how this hurricane season will pan out, there are lots of safety measures you can take to ensure your pet stays healthy and safe.

    To protect the health and welfare of pets throughout Bainbridge, GA, and the surrounding areas, Bryan-Hight Veterinary Hospital is here to explore everything pet owners need to know and prepare for in the event of a hurricane.

    Here’s a safety plan for your pet this hurricane season!

    Have Your Pet’s ID Ready

    Pets should wear ID tags at all times, but it’s important that they wear them during hurricane season. That way, you won’t have to scramble trying to find your pet’s ID if they run off and get lost.

    Consider Microchipping

    Torrential thunderstorms, heavy winds, and tornadoes are common between June and October. Some animals are easily frightened by these weather events and are prone to running away.

    Unfortunately, collars and ID tags can easily break and fall off. By microchipping your dog or cat, you can increase the chances of having them returned if they run away or get lost.

    Stock Up on Your Pet’s Medication

    Like humans, some pets rely on daily or weekly medication. If a hurricane makes landfall, there’s no predicting how soon you’ll be able to pick up your pet’s prescription medication.

    Talk to your veterinarian and inquire about getting a two-week supply of your pet’s prescription. Even if your pet doesn’t rely on prescription medication, they may be coming up on their next round of heartworm medication.

    Keep in mind that hurricane season also coincides with flea and tick season. Have your pet’s next doses of heartworm and tick medication ready to go if you’re unable to see the veterinarian in the aftermath of a hurricane.

    Get Your Pet Vaccinated

    In addition to stocking up on any medication for your pet, now is a good time to get them caught up on their vaccinations.

    In the event that you and your family take shelter in close proximity with other families, vaccines can prevent the spread of kennel cough and disease among your pets. Vaccines can also provide an extra layer of protection from disease should your pet go missing for an extended period of time after a hurricane or bad weather.

    Make extra copies of their vaccination records and consolidate them in one folder for easy access.

    Create an Emergency Pet Kit

    When an emergency weather alert or hurricane watch goes into effect, don’t scurry at the last minute trying to gather all of your pet’s essentials. By creating a portable emergency kit for your pet, you’ll be able to grab it and go at a moment’s notice.

    What should your pet’s emergency kit contain?

    • Collar with identification
    • Leash
    • Harness
    • Extra leash & collar
    • Medical & vaccination documentation
    • Rabies certificate
    • Two weeks worth of food
    • Clean water
    • Water & food bowls
    • Prescription medication
    • Kitty litter & litter box
    • Pet waste bags or puppy pads
    • Pet treats

    Consider bringing a crate or carrier to wherever you may shelter. Because your pet will be going to the bathroom indoors, you don’t want to forget cleaning supplies!

    Keep Your Pet Calm During Bad Weather

    Your entire family ‒ including your pet ‒ is prepared. Once a hurricane or bad weather strikes, what else can you do to keep your pets safe?

    Pets can experience anxiety during major storms or away from home. It might be a good idea to pack their bed, favorite toy, or blanket to comfort them.

    Keep your pets close and indoors. Speak to them in a soothing voice and comfort them to alleviate their anxiety. You can also read up on how to understand your pet’s mental health and discover ways to console them during bad weather.

    Keeping Our Pets Healthy & Safe This Hurricane Season

    Hurricane season is inevitable in the Southeastern United States. By being proactive and preparing before a hurricane makes landfall, you can protect your pet and keep them healthy and safe, no matter what kind of weather comes your way.

    Bryan-Hight Veterinary Hospital is also here to protect our animal patients and their families. We recommend scheduling a checkup for your pet to ensure they’re all up to date on their vaccinations.

    Contact us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions and concerns regarding your pet’s health and safety. We hope you and your animal family stay safe!

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